About Irvington

Irvington is a historical district five miles east of downtown Indianapolis founded in 1870 by prominent abolitionist lawyers, Jacob Julian and Sylvester Johnson. Named for writer Washington Irving and straddling the Historic National Road, the carefully planned neighborhood was originally platted as an independent suburban town but annexed by the city of Indianapolis in 1902.

IrvingtonButler University, which called Irvington home from 1875 to 1928, helped to establish the area as a cultural and arts destination. The community has managed to retain many of its most appealing characteristics, and is especially known for its winding, tree-lined streets, beautiful parks and historically significant homes and businesses.

In 1987, Irvington became the largest district in Marion County to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 2006 much of Irvington was protected under a local historic district designation.

Demographic Snapshot

Irvington is home to more than 11,000 residents living in an area roughly bordered by 10th Street and Emerson, English and Edmondson avenues. Below are some statistics to give you a clearer picture of who we are.



  • Residents :11,464
  • Households: 5,600
  • Owner-Occupied: 63.5%
  • Vacancy Rate: 9.7%
  • Median Income: $64,335
  • Medium Home Value: $103,686
  • Average age of Housing: 1938

Source: based on 2010 Census

Irving CircleIrvington Landmarks

From Ellenberger Park to The Benton House, Irvington is peppered with historical landmarks that offer a glimpse of what the community was like a century ago.
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Irvington Businesses

Irvington is proud to be home to a number of independently-owned restaurants and retail businesses alongside well-known, nation-wide retailers. Our partners at Irvington Business Association provide a complete listing of all Irvington businesses on its Shop Irvington site.
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