Irvington Green Initiative

IDO launched the Irvington Green Initiative in the summer of 2007 as a way to explore the possibility of our neighborhood serving as a pilot neighborhood for then Mayor Peterson’s Indy GreenPrint program.

Since that time, through radical relationship building and forging partnerships with our neighbors, like-minded organizations, local businesses and the City of Indianapolis, we’ve pushed our goal of taking an apolitical, positive approach toward encouraging people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle to a whole new level.

We’ve transformed from a semi-regular gathering of a few like-minded neighbors to an organization that successfully applies for grant funding, partners with City agencies and local schools and businesses and leverages public and private money in order to execute tangible, award winning projects.

The Irvington Green Initiative:

  • Received the 2011 Neighbor Power! Connecting Communities Award
  • Produced the SkillShare ‘Feast’ival, the largest attended Spirit & Place Festival event in 2010
  • Was a Finalist for a 2011 SustainIndy, Indianapolis Sustainability Award
  • Hosts the monthly Green Hour, the only monthly sustainability forum in Indianapolis
  • Designed and built the Teaching Rain Garden at Irvington Community School

And the story continues …

If you have an interest in learning about sustainability or spreading your green knowledge please contact us for volunteer and engagement opportunities. You can learn more about IGI via the IGI Facebook page or contact via email.

About Irvington Green Initiative

The Irvington Green Initiative (IGI) is a project of the Irvington Development Organization (IDO) which takes an apolitical, positive approach toward encouraging people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. In 2010, the Irvington Green Initiative took the idea of building Relationships to a Radical level by partnering with over 40 groups, organizations and businesses to accomplish 3 major goals:

  • Develop a Teaching Rain Garden
  • Produce a Spirit and Place Festival event
  • Launch the monthly ‘Green Hour’ grass roots engagement and networking series

IGI made the leap from a 2-year-old, occasional gathering of a few neighbors into an award-winning organization that successfully applied for grant funding; partnered with City agencies and local schools and businesses; and leveraged public and private money. The result? The development of a 1,500 square foot educational rain garden project, the largest Spirit and Place Festival event in 2010 and a monthly event that provides the only regular sustainability forum in Indianapolis.