Neighborhood Plan

The Irvington Neighborhood Plan seeks to build on the strengths of the neighborhood, identify and address issues facing the community, and discuss and develop consensus on the future direction of the area.

Along with many Irvington residents and business owners, the City of Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development, Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning Indianapolis Center and the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center have assisted the community in creating the plan, which produced its draft report in October 2005. Following final review, the Metropolitan Development Commission is expected to ultimately adopt the Irvington Neighborhood Plan to serve as a roadmap for policy decisions by the public sector as well as by the residents and private sector in Irvington.

As part of the FOCUS Initiative, IDO relied heavily on the draft of the Irvington Neighborhood Plan to create the Washington Street Economic Development Plan, which calls on IDO, the Irvington community, the City of Indianapolis and the public and private sector to work together to revitalize the Corridor.

The draft of the Irvington Neighborhood Plan concludes with 10 strategies to improve the quality of life in Irvington. What follows are the results, in order of priority:

  1. Support the Washington Corridor Streetscape Project as a catalyst for economic revitalization of the corridor and throughout Irvington.
  2. Work to prepare the Irvington Historic District Plan and preserve Irvington’s past.
  3. Create better building and property conditions throughout the neighborhood.
  4. Continue to protect and improve Irvington’s parks and open spaces.
  5. Continue to repair and improve Irvington’s infrastructure.
  6. Enhance public safety and improve the perception of safety throughout Irvington.
  7. Improve Irvington Plaza to better serve and fit the neighborhood.
  8. Seek development of the Pennsy Corridor as a trail and future transit way.
  9. Market Irvington to Indianapolis and beyond as a good place to live, work and shop.
  10. Re-establish Irvington as an artist community with diverse art and cultural offerings.