Guest writer: Kristin Seed:
Photo by Alison Jensen:

I have an unusual history with Indianapolis. Growing up in a rural town in Illinois, Indianapolis was originally a destination for my family. I had an uncle who lived on the south side of Indianapolis and summer vacations usually involved a long weekend stay with him. Indy provided a glimpse of big city shopping, cheap accommodations (his living room floor and spare bedrooms) and a weekend away.

After graduating from college and meeting my husband, we decided a move to a larger city that would provide us more opportunity in our careers. Indianapolis was basically a random choice. Hereʼs how it went: Chicago is too big, St. Louis is too close to home, letʼs move to Indianapolis. Weʼve been here ever since that decision in 1998.

Photo by Alison Jensen

Photo by Alison Jensen

We moved to the southeast side of Indianapolis where our zip code is actually Wanamaker. But, we prefer to call ourselves Irvingtonians. Although Irvington is a neighborhood, it has more the feel of a small town – it’s a close-knit neighborhood that takes pride in its civic engagement, neighborhood schools and local churches. You can eat, shop and play all within its borders and find constant collaboration among the residents to grow and redevelop the area.

Although we frequent all the downtown establishments, we feel most comfortable here in our neighborhood of Irvington. Itʼs the place I want to take visitors, re-introduce to locals and spend my free time. I look at Irvington as my new small town, within my big city, Indianapolis.

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