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There are many ways you can take an active role in promoting positive growth in the Irvington community – visit our links below. The easiest way to get involved is by becoming a member or a volunteer. Did you know you can join IDO as a member for as little as $25? For those more interested in serving as a volunteer, we offer a variety of committees from Events to Communications to Fundraising that are looking for committed volunteers who want to focus on a specific aspect of community development. Please contact Executive Director Margaret Banning or the relevant committee chair if you have questions or want to join one of these groups. We’d love to have you!

Irvington EventsEvents Committee

Do you love meeting new people and helping organize events? Do you have a background in fundraising or event planning? Do you enjoy helping others find their full philanthropic potential, or finding your own? If so, this is the committee for you! We work hand in hand with all the other committees in the organization to assist in planning events and coordinating volunteers throughout the year. Most of the events are fundraisers that benefit the committees and the organization. We need people who are willing to commit time to frequent meetings, mailings, and individual tasks. You must be highly motivated to better our community, sensitive to deadlines, and able to work well independently as well as part of a team. You will need to be able to make and maintain frequent contact with prospective and current volunteers, donors, board members, committee members and others. You too can help make a difference by becoming part of events and volunteer planning!

Contact: Margaret Lawrence Banning

Communications Committee

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 7.21.41 AMDo you have a background in journalism or writing or are you handy with a camera? Do you like to participate in community events and enjoy sharing what you learn with others? As the newest IDO committee, we have a lot of projects we’d like to tackle to spread the word about the work IDO is doing, and we’re looking for a team who is committed and can contribute on a regular or semi-regular basis. Among other things, we’re seeking volunteers who want to cover stories for our e-newsletter, write press releases and e-mail blasts about IDO events and projects.

Contact: Heidi Unger, Committee Chair

Membership Committee

Is relationship building up your alley or do you simply know a lot of people who live in Irvington or have a soft spot for the community? Increasing IDO membership is critical to the operational success and sustainability of our organization. Our current goals include reaching out to every household and business in Irvington in order to build a community wide team of supporters who will keep economic development at the forefront. You can help by becoming part of the committee that recruits new members and builds the lasting relationships that will be so important to IDO’s future.

Contact: Margaret Lawrence Banning

IDO Annual FundraiserFundraising Committee

Do you have a background in public philanthropy or are you fearless when it comes to asking for donations to a worthwhile cause? Then this is the perfect committee for you! We are currently working hand in hand with the Washington Streetscape Steering Committee and other IDO members to raise money from individuals, businesses and organizations for the Washington Corridor Streetscape Project. While we have made much progress toward our goal of $300,000 for the first phase, we still have to raise a lot of money to be ready to break ground. Join us and help make a difference as you identify and connect generous donors to this important project.

Contact: Katie Herrold, Fundraising Committee Chair



Washington Streetscape Steering Committee (Phase II)

Do you have design or project management experience or does having a direct impact on economic development meet Streetlamp Plaque Imageyour desire to give back? If so, please consider joining this committee to help ensure the success of the Historic Irvington Business District. We are currently overseeing decisions associated with the overall design and implementation of the first phase of Irvington’s $1.3 million Washington Corridor Streetscape Project, which will span from Irvington Avenue to Bolton Avenue. Join us and help to make the Washington Street Corridor more attractive, safe and pedestrian friendly as well as an inviting destination for Irvington families and visitors from others parts of the city to enjoy!

Contact: Erika Hinshaw, Committee Chair

Irvington EventsIrvington Green Initiative

If you have an interest in learning about sustainability or spreading your green knowledge please contact me for volunteer and engagement opportunities!

Email IGI