The organizers of the 9-day Woody Guthrie Festival in Irvington have hit upon something. Events ranging from musical acts, movies and discussions all based on Guthrie’s music, musings and philosophies have brought in record crowds to many of the IRV businesses that have served as hosts.  Today will be no exception.  The final day of the 9-day Woody Guthrie Festival is marked by a 1:00-dusk FREE concert at Ellenberger Park featuring 18 different musical acts! Come make some history by attending the culmination of this fantastic, first-ever, unique event celebrating the 100th birthday of Woody Guthrie!

1:00 Intro
1:10 Dan Welling
1:40 Caleb Hawkins
2:10 Bill Price & Gordon Bonham
2:40 Patchwork
3:00 Bill Shaefer & JJ
3:30 Kevin Friedly
4:00 Jason Hathaway
4:30 Pete Justice & Joe O’Donnell
5:00 SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Woody & the Girl Scouts.
5:15 Ralph Jeffers
5:35 Dale Lawrence & PHB
6:05 Punkin Holler Boys
6:40 Woody Beans
7:00 John Barnes
7:10 Blue Alchemy
7:40 John Barney & Passengers
8:10 Frank Watson introduces Pat Webb
8:35 Woody Jam
Crowd sings “This Land is Your Land”
End song “Goodnight Irene.”

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