Irvington Luminaria: A Winter Lighting Event

By Paula Schmidt and Heidi Unger

This post is one of several articles in our December IDO Newsletter. You can read the entire newsletter here.

Firelight and friends have historically been a way for many cultures and religions to encourage the light and warmth of summer to return. For 39 years, Irvington Winter Luminaria has served as a neighborhood night out, gathering friends and family to enjoy some nondenominational sparkle and cheer. This year’s luminaria is Sunday, December 20th, 6–10 p.m. It’s a time to slow down, enjoy your home, and celebrate your community.

Check the luminaria event page at for information on lots of related events, including Santa at Irving Circle, Christmas Jazz at Coal Yard Coffee, and a bike tour. If you’d like to dedicate some time to help light public spaces, contact the luminaria committee at

Here is how you can participate. Buy candle kits at one of our local businesses. As few as five luminarias will be beautiful. Kits are priced at 5 for $2, 10 for $4, and 20 for $6, or you can buy bags only, 5 for $1.

  • Ace Hardware (1025 North Arlington Avenue)
  • Antique Mall by Jack & Jill (5501 East Washington Street)
  • Black Sheep Gifts (5626 East Washington Street)
  • Coal Yard Coffee (5547 Bonna Avenue)
  • Deering Cleaners (1160 North Arlington Avenue)

Pick up sand from the parking lot of Ellenberger Park ice rink parking lot (at 5301 East St. Clair Street) on or after December 12th. Bring your own container and help yourself.

Set up your luminarias on Sunday, December 20th, and enjoy.


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