Dear Irvington Neighbors and Friends,

Irvington is such an exciting place to call home! When folks move here, we stay put because it is such a great place to live.  When neighbors do decide to move, their houses are scooped up within days.   We should be grateful that we live in one of the most vibrant, walkable and bikeable neighborhoods in Indianapolis.  Plus, Irvingtonians are engaged. They care.  They join organizations, get to know each other and are passionate about keeping it a neighborhood in the true sense of the word—a place marked by kindly concern.

Irvington Development Organization plays an important role in the fabric of our neighborhood.  We exist to promote and nurture Irvington as a desirable place to live, work and conduct business.  We have successes to back us up as doers, not talkers.  Consider the Washington Street streetscape and the Irvington Lofts, two of our most visible success stories.  IDO was instrumental in making those two projects happen. And, they have been incubators for other positive development in our neighborhood.  The Indianapolis Department of Public Works recently identified $2.5 million in public investment in Irvington in just the past two years.

IDO also works in less dramatic ways—for example, it:

  • Is the first stop for businesses that want to locate here.
  • Organizes neighborhood clean-up projects. (October’s was a huge success!)
  • Sponsors the Green Initiative to help us all do our part toward a more sustainable planet.
  • Leveraged $1.2 million in federal funds for the recent curbs, sidewalks and re-paving project on Washington Street.
  • Pays the monthly tab for the decorative street lighting in the business district.

Plus, we have plans for the future.  We are working diligently to facilitate long-term redevelopment of high-value/high-impact neighborhood sites, such as Irvington Plaza and the old Foamcraft facility on Bonna Avenue.  Since 2002, IDO has been doing, not just talking.

Please help by partnering with us to keep Irvington the place we proudly call home.  How might you do that?

We have decided to draw on Irvington’s history to name our giving levels:

  • $500 and up: Kile Oak Level (includes household IDO membership)
  • $250-$499: National Road Level (includes household IDO membership)
  • $100-$250: Ellenberger Park Level (includes household IDO membership)
  • $50-$99: Washington Irving Level

Please join me in becoming an IDO supporter.  We really appreciate it!

Don Lundberg
Board President