By Ed Myers, President, Irvington Garden Club

garden tourThroughout the past 16 years, those attending the garden club’s annual garden tours have had the opportunity to walk shaded paths, witness the flashing shadows of overhead branches on the ground and maybe, if one was nearby, sit on a garden bench.
Others have felt the cooling effect of a fountain or gazed into plant-filled pond and wondered why the koi fish within have grown so big while theirs had not.
Walk slowly, as you visit the eight gardens on this year’s Irvington Garden Tour, so as not to disturb a monarch butterfly, delight in the pleasing color combinations of flower pots on a patio, and stop to smell the honey perfume fragrance of a nearby rose.
This year’s tour is scheduled for Sunday, June 25, 1-5 p.m.Still only $10 dollars (children under 14 are admitted free of charge), tickets for the tour may be purchased the day of the tour at the Benton House Historic Garden, 312 South Downey Avenue.