Our spotlight shines on Rita Franco, owner of La Mexi-Gringa, where you can find some of the most awesome fresh authentic Mexican dishes in Indy (mmm…handmade tamales with a side of her mouth-watering guacamole and chips). Take a moment to learn a bit more about Rita and definitely visit La Mexi-Gringa. Do it TODAY!

Tell us a little about yourself and how La Mexi-Gringa started.

My name is Rita Franco. I am the owner of La Mexi-Gringa and mother of four amazing children. My children attend Irvington Community Schools, and in 2010 we moved into the area to be closer to school. 

I have sold tamales to family and friends for the past eight years. When Irvington and other surrounding communities tasted my tamales, my business grew so large that I had to make a business out of my hobby. We have now grown into a carryout restaurant in Irvington and sell a variety of fresh authentic Mexican dishes. 

Obviously I am an American gal, so you may wonder why and how I came into serving up Mexican goodness. MyLa Mexica Gringa husband is from Guadalajara, Mexico, and my best friend is also from Mexico. I’ve always been a decent cook and love truly authentic ethnic food. I lived in Mexico for a while and brought back everything I learned. We’ve been open since May and are thinking of expanding our hours and offering delivery options. I love that our restaurant is truly authentic here on the Eastside with some of the best tacos in Indy!

What do you do for fun?

As shocking as it may sound, I am a foodie. Some of my favorite things to do are find wonderful local spots to eat and tell everyone about! I also love traveling to explore places I’ve never been. Being in the great outdoors is my favorite place to be (40 degrees or higher, ha ha).

What’s your favorite walk, bike ride, block, or view in the neighborhood?

I adore eating at Dufours in Maria’s quaint sweet cozy cafe. Her dang French toast is an experience each time, and you’ll never get the same breads. In fact, I think I’ll go there for breakfast this morning! (note: written prior to Dufour’s closing)

The Coal Yard Coffee house is a great place to chill and see many familiar local faces. Even some famous Irvington FB folks, LOL. Baristas Nyla and Michelle always hook me up with their favorite concoctions. 

And riding my bike through the trails of Irvington from the Pennsy to Pleasant Run is my very favorite thing to do during warmer months. 

If you were Mayor of Irvington for a day, what would you do first?

If I were Mayor of Irvington, I’d have more community gatherings. It’s such a fun tight-knit community. Maybe gatherings at local businesses, parks, heck on the street! Having a tight community is fun and creates a safe atmosphere. 

Come grab lunch and/or dinner (it’s that good) or call for carryout. We also cater! Contact Rita Franco of La Mexi-Gringa at 317-453-1743 or LaMexiGringa.com La Mexi-Gringa is located at 6129 E. Washington St. Indianapolis IN 46219.

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