Trent Taylor wants more places to safely park his bike in Irvington. Trent had mapped where the racks are now and likely places for additional ones. He did a spreadsheet and prioritized the locations. He was determined.

bike racks 2017 dHe contacted members of  Irvington Green Initiative, who connected him to the intrepid team on IDO’s Public Spaces Committee. Jason Koch, who’s on the committee, had an idea of where to get bike racks. He asked Jamison Hutchins, the city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, who could get 10 racks that promote the Knozone program for free. Knozone is an awareness campaign run through the city’s Department of Public Works, Office of Sustainability to improve our air quality. Riding bikes instead of driving cars is a great way to do that! But you’re not going to ride your bike if you don’t have a secure place to park it. Thus the bike racks.

If business owners are interested in purchasing bike racks at cost (all the free ones have been installed) that can go on either private property or in the public right of way, IndyCog has a program to purchase them. IDO will coordinate the locations and get the necessary permits. And Dan Jones, an Irvington craftsman, is considering designing and fabricating custom Irvington-inspired bike racks. If you want to make a statement, that may be the way to go. Contact