Irvington Development Organization’s 15th Annual Membership Meeting was held September 9, 2017 at Irving Circle Park in conjunction with the Circle’s Summer Concert Series. Members enjoyed a light meal s provided by Kroger’s deli, and heard about IDO’s  accomplishments this year and the many business comings and goings in the past year.

D. Gaither, Tim Henderson, Anne-Marie Taylor, and Katie Herrold were re-elected to the board. Tyler Sheller was voted onto the board for the first time. Longtime IDO board member and Irvington business owner Bruce Oakley stepped down due to term limits. Thank you to Bruce for the many hours you dedicated to IDO and Irvington Business Association!

President Don Lundberg and Executive Director Margaret Banning updated guests with news from the past year. A number of businesses in the district closed, reduced operations, or are moving to a new location. The subsequent vacant storefronts caused some consternation, but almost all of them will be occupied, or at least rented, by the end of the year. This shows the resiliency and overall vitality of Irvington’s business corridor.

Several IDO projects made the district more attractive and bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly. IDO volunteers installed bike racks at key locations in the corridor with the racks provided by the city’s Office of Sustainability. Other styles of racks are coming as well. IDO also secured a grant from the Frank N. Owings Family Foundation to underwrite the magical new public art display on the traffic box on  Washington Street at Emerson Avenue, created by Andrea Light.

Plans for 2018 were also discussed. Then attendees relaxed to hear the Lightweights XL, led by IDO’s former board president’s spouse, Mike Hayes and family.

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