If you live or work in Marion County, you no doubt have thoughts about the infrastructure, plans, initiatives, and organizations that move us forward and also those that don’t serve us well. Understanding key concepts of city planning, our many existing assets, and challenges from the past can help all of us know how to work toward developing more prosperous, inclusive, resilient neighborhoods. The City of Indianapolis’ Department of Metropolitan Development (Indy DMD) invites neighbors to use the informative materials they provide to foster a greater understanding of city planning concepts. They’re also encouraging neighbors to participate in ongoing city planning discussions.

People’s Planning Academy

The People’s Planning Academy (the first of its kind in the U.S.) provides participants with a basic knowledge of planning principles as well as in-depth training on the Marion County Land Use Plan’s new land use classification system (the Pattern Book).

The in-person sessions are now complete, but you can participate online. Register soon. Participants who complete the Academy program by December 18 will be able to work alongside city planners in the mapping phase of the Land Use Plan, working on the Stakeholder Committee to apply and refine the land use classification Pattern Book to neighborhoods and districts across Marion County. Click here to learn more about the Plan 2020 update to the Marion County Land Use Plan.

The online course includes six YouTube videos of the in-person sessions where speakers discuss these topics: Planning 101, Make Indy Healthy, Make Indy More Resilient, Make Indy More Inclusive, Make Indy More Competitive, and Land Use Pattern Book Training. The downloadable People’s Planning Academy Workbook is an easily digestible supplement that defines key terms and concepts and provides fast facts relevant to each topic. You’ll also want to download the Plan 2020 Bicentennial Agenda (PDF) or borrow it from the library.

Even if you can’t complete the online course within the next month or don’t want to participate in the Stakeholder Committee, the course materials and discussions can help you become a more informed, engaged citizen.

If that isn’t enough reading material for you, you’ll be delighted to know that the Irvington Neighborhood Plan (PDF), completed in 2008, is available online.

Indy Moves

Indy DMD has recently launched Indy Moves, a citywide effort to tie together Indianapolis’ many transportation plans and projects and establish a single action plan that keeps us all moving for years to come. Note that sidewalks are included in this evaluation, so if you’re someone who feels that sidewalks in your area are inadequate, this is a way to look into that issue.

As our city grows, thoughtful transportation plans for all modes of transportation become increasingly essential. By integrating these plans, Indianapolis residents, commuters and visitors will have more transportation choices, and a safer, more efficient commute.

Indy DMD needs your help to make Indy’s transportation plan a success! They’re seeking feedback on our transportation system – everything from cars and busses to bikes and walking. What do you like about getting around Indianapolis? What do you wish would change? Let them know in the transportation survey at indymoves.org – open now until December 15! You’ll find additional information on the website – including facts about existing conditions and plans – so click around on the website to become more familiar with identified transportation planning considerations.

Questions? Contact DMD at dmdcommunications@indy.gov.


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