Some members of our neighborhood have all types of exotic and rustic animals; you’ll find chickens, donkeys, and, with Tyler Sheller, even a horse! Well, not exactly a horse, more like a Great Dane. (But he’s as big as a horse!) Tyler is actively involved with a local group, Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, and his dog Bruno plays a big part.

Acting as both the Marketing and Fundraising Coordinators for the nonprofit rescue — which serves Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Southern Michigan, and parts of Wisconsin — Tyler utilizes his background in marketing and advertising to spread awareness of and raise money for Forever Friends. But Tyler has more than just a background in branding; having grown up with these gentle giants (Tyler’s parents have owned and raised Great Danes for almost 40 years), he has a background in the breed itself.

The goals of Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue are to educate the public about the breed, promote adopting a companion vs. shopping for a dog, and to help deserving Great Danes find their loving forever homes. As a completely volunteer-run organization, the rescue relies on donations, promotions, and partnerships with local businesses to cover the medical costs of the dogs in their foster care.

Tyler and Bruno have made numerous appearances on TV promoting the rescue through such programs as Indy Style, the News at Noon on WISH-TV 8, and Pet Pals TV with the delightful Patty Spitler. Bruno’s larger-than-life appearance and personality always steal the show, while Tyler tries to get a word in about Forever Friends and educating the public about Great Danes.

Tyler’s happy to see many Great Danes in Irvington and encourages dog lovers of all types to get involved in rescue. You can learn more about Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue at their website, and like them on Facebook for the latest updates on available dogs, events, and fundraisers.

How long have you lived and/or worked in Irvington?

In Irvington-terms, Tyler has been a resident of our community for a very short time:  2 years this summer.

What do you do for fun?

Besides working with Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue, Tyler enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and horseback riding. He also has a branding and design business, which keeps him busy when he’s not horsing around with Bruno.

What’s your favorite walk, bike ride, or view in the neighborhood?

Living near Ellenberger Park, Tyler enjoys biking along the Pleasant Run Trail and joining that with the Pennsy. Along that route, you’ll see everything from bustling business corridors to adorable donkeys!

If you were Mayor of Irvington for a day, what would you do first?

The first thing Tyler would accomplish, as Mayor of Irvington, would be to put in speed bumps all along Washington.  Apparently, per Tyler, people think they’re at the Speedrome while going up and down that street!

What’s your connection to IDO?

First getting involved with IDO through the Real Estate Committee, Tyler has also joined the Communications committee and created the branding for last year’s IDO Harvest Gala with Tyner Pond Farm.