This month, our IDO Neighborhood Spotlight shines on Lauren Hall, who provides professional counseling services. She also founded Irvington Flower Bouquet CSA and supports the business by growing flowers at her Irvington home, arranging bouquets, and making local deliveries by bike.

How long have you lived and worked here? 
My husband Michael and I have lived in Irvington for a year and a half. We both work as therapists at Christian Theological Seminary Counseling Center. In the summer of 2015, we started our first large garden with great yield, creating Irvington Flower Bouquet CSA. One year in and the CSA is a huge success, with all memberships claimed for 2016 and 10 weddings this summer alone!

We’d like to continue to invest in this neighborhood by way of opening a counseling private practice in the fall of this year, offering sliding scale services to members of our community, and to keep creating flower bouquets, of course!

How did you first hear of Irvington and why did you move here?
I grew up in the Old North Side and attended Holy Cross throughout elementary school. A lot of my friends lived on the East Side, and I remember visiting here as a young girl. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined I would end up here as an adult!

In the fall of 2014, both my mother and Michael’s dad were diagnosed with cancer. Michael and I decided to move home to be closer to them. We really didn’t know where we were going to live, and having come from Chicago we were ready to lay our roots down. Mostly, we wanted a yard for a garden, a walkable neighborhood with good standby food spots, and kind neighbors. It was when we walked down the brick street of Layman one warm winter evening that we decided we were going to put an offer on what became our proud home!

What do you do for fun?
Oh goodness, so many things. Here’s a list: date nights with my honey, watching our blind dog Hank play, growing flowers and arranging, yoga, bike rides, fire pits, and friendship hangs.

What’s your favorite walk, bike ride, block, or view in the neighborhood?
Lover’s Lane is my absolute favorite, but those sweet twisty streets of south Irvington really have a special place in my heart and on my bike!

If you were Mayor of Irvington for a day, what would you do first?
I would have a very diplomatic brunch with whoever manages public transportation and very kindly persuade them to commit to build a rapid transit system from Irvington to downtown.  They’d of course agree, so feeling good about that, I’d contact the owners of Siam Square and Spice Nation and invite them to move into the neighborhood for some increased food options, and they’d say, “Of course!”

I’d commission young artists to create murals along the Pennsy Trail, and on their day of creating we’d celebrate with a large community picnic on the trail. My last order of business would be to hire Beyonce to perform for the annual Irvington Halloween Festival.

Then I’d take a nap!

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