There was much gnashing of teeth and wailing when we lost some of our beloved restaurants and the fabulous dress shop Retulled, but it looks like many of the spaces on the south side of the Washington Street business corridor are at least in the works to be leased again. Jamie Zentz of Geneva Hair Studio and Sam Smith of George Thomas Florist were starting to get lonely.

East Indy Dental Care is moving into Retulled’s former space at 5607 East Washington Street. Batters Family Pancake House is going into the building where Bittersweet, Day Ja Voo, and Irvington Picture Frame Company were, at 5543 East Washington Street.

A Vietnamese restaurant, Super Bowl Pho from Westfield, is opening its second shop, in Café Caribe’s spot at 5603 East Washington Street. Unconfirmed but still rumored, a new Mexican-style restaurant might move into Chef Dan’s location at 5539 East Washington Street. Much to look forward to!

Sadly, Rita Franco is closing La Mexi-Gringa but will continue catering and providing pre-ordered meals. Another door opening!

And don’t forget the frame shop just moved down the street next door to Irvington Jewelers at 5410 East Washington Street. And Upcycled 360 is across the street behind The Legend Café.