In November, three vastly different restaurants joined our business district and brought us more variety.

Super Bowl Pho offers authentic Vietnamese cooking. Tony and his uncle Leo started the first Super Bowl Pho in Westfield in 2013. These new neighbors offer their namesake and a wide variety of other specialties, including Spring Rolls, Vermicelli-Bun, Rocket Shrimp, Grilled Beef, and Fish Cakes.

Batters Family Pancake House, Laura Ballinger’s dream come true, offers a large breakfast as well as lunch and dinner menu that can be ordered during all open hours. After working in and being a part-owner of restaurants for 20+ years, Laura sold her ownership in Blueberry Hill so she could start one of her very own. Her husband Tim, who coached baseball in Christian Park and graduated from Howe High School, retired from the sheriff’s department to help her dream come to life. Because numerous family members are on staff, Laura has made Batters a family restaurant in every way.

Antonio Arrieta and Enrique Martinez opened IXCA after 5 years of discussing starting a restaurant together.  Antonio grew up in his father’s restaurants, graduated from Kelley School of Business, and worked in other businesses. But he kept returning to his desire to start his own restaurant. Enrique was preparing taxes and payroll but couldn’t dismiss starting a bar or restaurant. Antonio, who has lived in the Irvington area for several years, suggested getting it started in Irvington.

?What’s your favorite walk, bike ride, block, or view the neighborhood

Antonio loves that Irvington is different from downtown. He explains that everything is within walking distance. He walks from the park to get something to eat, then on to get something sweet.

Enrique, still learning the neighborhood, said he’s found it’s like a little village. He added, “If you want to get fancy, you can even go golfing.”