Those of us who are familiar with the property at 6101-6107 East Washington Street don’t quite recognize the building these days. Justin St. John, owner of Maximum Grow Gardening and the building where it operates, recently purchased this second building on the south side of the East Washington Street business corridor. He’s made significant investments in and improvements to the property, which will soon be available for lease.

The building, zoned C-4 (mixed use) offers 9,100 square feet of commercial space. It can be divided into multiple units, and the smallest unit would be 1,600 square feet. Off-street parking is available behind the building. Bike racks and a bus stop are located in front of the building. Business owners who are interested in leasing some or all of the space should contact Justin at 317-777-0747.

One of the most appealing features of the renovation is the newly reinforced roof, which can now support rooftop use, such as outdoor dining. Justin intends to finish the renovation to suit the needs of those who will do business there. Some potential uses of the space include a restaurant, brewery, retail shop, office space, or salon.