In each of our newsletters we ask one of our Irvington restaurant owners to share their favorite recipes with our readers. Our May Newsletter features The Legend Classic Irvington Cafe’s recipe: Pan Fried Walleye – YUM!

The Legend Classic Irvington Café
5614 E. Washington St.

Pan Fried Walleye

Since 2003, The Legend Classic Irvington Cafe has delighted Indianapolis-area diners with masterfully prepared Classic American cuisine in a comfortable, casual dining atmosphere. Another of Irvington’s favorite restaurant, this family-owned café has become a popular community gathering place over the years, and an ideal destination for a nice night out with friends and neighbors.

This month, we are pleased to feature the recipe for one of The Legend’s most popular dinner entrees – Pan Fried Walleye. In the words of the café’s owner John Robertson:

“A Great Lakes whitefish like walleye doesn’t require much in the way of preparation because you don’t want to overpower a delicate fish. We prepare a simple mix of flour, salt, pepper and dill to dredge a skinless fillet of walleye and then pan fry it in clarified butter on top of the stove at medium heat, turning it as necessary so as not to burn the flour. (Fish should be cooked to an internal temperature of no more than 149 degrees to keep it from drying out).”

“We also make a compound butter to serve on top of the fish. Simply take some softened butter and mix it with a little fresh lemon juice and dill and put a small dollop on the cooked fish and serve with your favorite side items. Walleye can be hard to find sometimes, so any other northern fresh lake whitefish can be substituted; but, most walleye fisherman will tell you there is nothing like fresh walleye cooked lakeside. Enjoy!”

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